St. Mary's Catholic School
Principal: Ms.Charmaine  Hanley
Secretary: Ms. Heidi Modesti
Phone # 905-768-5151
6,Mud Street, Hagersville, Ontario
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Brant Haldimand Norfolk 
 Catholic District School Board

Mission Statement

As a Catholic Learning Community, 
supporting each other in our faith journey, 
we provide academic excellence within a safe, 
Christ-centered environment while enabling all individuals 
to become life-long learners who make a positive contribution to society. 

Our Catholicity

The gospel values of Jesus Christ, taught through the Catholic faith, permeate every aspect of our daily school life including the curriculum, the learning expectations, assessments, instructional approaches and teacher and student resources. Our Catholic education is our character education. Through this fact we demonstrate our dedication to guiding all to live out their baptismal commitment as:

A discerning believer formed in the Catholic faith community 
An effective communicator 
A reflective creative thinker 
A self-directed, responsible, life long learner 
A collaborative contributor 
A caring family member 
A responsible citizen 
Christ centered character formation in our schools is supported and witnessed through:

Religion and family life curricula 
Special Education philosophy that recognizes the dignity and rights of all students 
Outreach programs within the local community as well as the broader community 
Materials in school book rooms 
Distribution of bibles to Grade 4 students 
Resources to support teachers 
Teacher inservices 
Religion and Family Life consultant 
Secondary school chaplains 
Adult Faith Ambassadors 
Youth Ambassadors for Christ 
School Councils 
Links to local parishes 
Religion Curriculum Committee 

Any photos, documents, or other materials on the St.Mary's School page of  St.Mary and St.Ann parish web site can not be used by any corporation/ individual without express  written  consent of St.Mary and St.Ann parish.By using this site, you agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy.The Internet and World Wide Web have brought a world full of information, commerce and entertainment to people around the world.  Information that is posted on the Internet can be instantly available on a worldwide basis.  Unfortunately, this ease of accessibility has come at a price as some people have also used the Internet for nefarious purposes.  Here at St.Mary and St.Ann Parish we have rebuilt our web site and have plans for continual enhancements of the content.  We want to take advantage of the benefits that the Internet can bring to us, and at the same time take every precaution to safeguard our parishioners, especially our children.  In the interest of making our web site fun and meaningful, we envision that our web site may include photos of class activities or all-school activities which are done in the  Parish.   We have developed the following guidelines for how St.Mary and St.Ann parish will operate its portion of the St.Mary and St.Ann Parish web site , taking into consideration parental consent and common-sense practices for child protection.  We will only publish content that is consistent with the mission of  the Catholic community that it represents. 
 We will not solicit or publish personal information about any one through our web site.  We will not publish children’s names on our web site unless requested by the families.   We will not publish any copyrighted pictures or photographs without the necessary permission.  An example of a copyrighted photo would be a portrait from a professional photo studio.   We understand and share your concern for the privacy of our families and children.  
Ms. Heidi Modesti
School Secretary

Ms. Charmaine  Hanley
St.Mary's Kids Shine Bright with Spirit !

St.Mary's School is one of 35 elementary and secondary schools of the Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board.